Rights-Based Approach

"A Shoulder to Lean On.” Towards Rights-Based Interventions and Policies for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

This policy brief analyses the socio-political implications of the so-called October policies, and suggests legislative, political, and practical measures to improve the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It also aims to inform policy formulation regarding Syrian refugees from a human rights-based perspective, while discussing modalities for enhanced programming at the civil society level.

Ending Violence Against Women

This guide is a resource for Oxfam staff, published in 2012, intended to inform and inspire their work, and to share with partners. It can be read and consulted individually – or used for discussion with peers. While the guide is directed towards internal Oxfam staff, it is available for external distribution as well. It features “candid question” and “exercise” boxes which offer avenues for reflexion and discussion. The booklet goes over the notion of violence against women and girls, and explains why Oxfam considers it a priority and how they work on that issue.

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