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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Tatimma Issue 1 Lebanon Support 2010

This issue of Tatimma focuses on the question of civil rights and liberties in Lebanon. Whilst it is usually considered that civil freedoms in Lebanon are light-years ahead... [read more]

Women's rights and status, Gender Equity Network, Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights, Gender
The Power of Remembrance: Political parties, memory and learning about the past in Lebanon forumZFD, Centre for Applied Research in Education at Notre Dame University 2016

This report investigates the use of memory by political parties in Lebanon in the political and educational domains.

The study was carried out in collaboration with forumZFD Lebanon and... [read more]

History of Conflicts and Political Violence Education, Conflict Resolution
Hizbollah’s Syria Conundrum International Crisis Group 2017

When Hizbollah – the Lebanese “Party of God” – threw its fighters into Syria in 2013, it sought primarily to save itself. Had the Assad regime collapsed or been defeated by U.S.-backed regional... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Conflict Resolution
The Burden of Scarce Opportunities: The Social Stability Context in Central and West Bekaa United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2017

This report introduces the conflict context in the Central Bekaa region. The area is of geostrategic importance as it contains the main border crossing to Syria and the Damascus highway, the... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Safety & Security
Glocalizing humanitarian interventions in Lebanon: A reflexive look into innovative practices in times of crises. A compilation of papers Lebanon Support 2017

These papers have been published in the framework of Lebanon Support and Amel Association’s joint call for publications “... [read more]

Humanitarian Knowledge Base Refugees, Civil Society Development
Civil Society Review issue 2 - Lebanese, refugee, and migrant women in Lebanon: From sociopolitical marginality to turnaround strategies Lebanon Support 2016

While women’s issues and rights have been at the forefront of public and civil society debate, academic, and activist publications, women’s inequalities and the discrimination women face in... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Gender Equity Network Gender
A Guide To Global Gender Targets 2016

The present guide proposes to reconcile the gender-related targets in the Sustainable Development Goals with the objectives of the Beijing Platform according to various sub-topics. It is organized... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Quality of Life, Gender
State of the Syria Crisis Response: An Assessment of Humanitarian and Development Challenges and Ways Forward Voluntas 2016

Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, 11 million people have been internally displaced or have fled to neighboring states. This has put an incredible strain on the hosting societies,... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Humanitarian Financing & Resources
"A Shoulder to Lean On.” Towards Rights-Based Interventions and Policies for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. Lebanon Support 2016

This policy brief analyses the socio-political implications of the so-called October policies, and suggests legislative, political, and practical measures to improve the situation of Syrian... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Policy Interventions
Humanitarian Assistance in Lebanon: Overview, Challenges and Recommendations. Revisiting the Humanitarian System: The Call for Country Ownership in the Case of Lebanon. Lebanon Support 2016

The 2015 Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) Report highlights that in 2013, 147 countries received humanitarian assistance, with countries from the Arab region, particularly those affected by... [read more]

Humanitarian Knowledge Base Civil Society Development