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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Politics, Progress, and Parliament in 2018: Can Lebanese Women Make Headway? Lebanon Support 2018
Lebanon may witness a remarkable rise in the number of women serving in Parliament come May 2018 due to initiatives from women’s groups, “civil society” activists, and the substantial number of... [read more]
Gender Equity Network, Conflict Analysis Project Elections, Gender
Lebanon’s 2018 Elections: An Opportunity for “New” Political Actors? Lebanon Support 2018

For the first time in nine years the Lebanese political scene is mobilising for elections. Although little has changed in the overall makeup of Parliament, the 2018 parliamentary elections exhibit... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Elections
Local Politics and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Exploring Responses in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan Refugee Studies Centre 2017

Refugee protection is inherently political. While international law and values inevitably influence governments’ decisions about how to respond to refugees, so too do power and interests. Host and... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Policy Interventions
Health Status and Health Needs of Older Refugees from Syria in Lebanon Strong et al. Conflict and Health 2015

This study sought to characterize the physical and emotional conditions, dietary habits,... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Health
The Refugee Crisis in Lebanon and Jordan: The Need for Economic Development Spending Forced Migration Review (FMR) 2014

The entry of Syrian refugees into Lebanon and Jordan has resulted in unprecedented social and economic challenges to both countries. These are felt on a day-to-day basis by all Lebanese and... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Economic Development, Humanitarian Financing & Resources
Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon: A Snapshot from Summer 2013 The Institute for the Study of International Migration, The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies 2013

This report points out a number of salient issues that should be further addressed by... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Conflict Resolution
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon between Resilience and Vulnerability Institut des Sciences Politiques 2017

The goal of this study is to measure the impact of the legal status policy on refugee... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Quality of Life, Human Rights & Protection
Precarity in Exile: The Legal Status of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Refugee Survey Quarterly 2016

Lebanon has had an ambiguous approach to the more than one million Syrians seeking protection in the country since 2011. The country is neither party to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Legal Issues
Reconfiguring Relief Mechanisms: The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs 2014

This paper highlights the specificity of the refugee crisis in the unstable Lebanese landscape... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Relief Services, Refugees
Higher Education and Syrian Refugee Students: The Case of Lebanon Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 2017

This report presents issues within tertiary education for young Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Education